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Social Work Course Descriptions

SWK 210: Introduction to Social Work (3)
Introduces philosophy, values, ethics, and processes of the social work profession; emphasizes the bases of Generalist practice theory; areas of practice; social justice and the role of violence in society.

SWK 225: Human Behavior/Social Environment I (3)
Prerequisites: SOC 131, PSY 200. Prerequisite or corequisite: SWK 210. Bio- psycho‑social perspective of human behavior and social interactions based on systems theory. Explores traditional and alternative paradigms of developmental life cycle and family interactions. Emphasis on developmental diversity in a multicultural society.

SWK 310: Social Welfare Policy History (3)
Prerequisite or corequisite: POL 101. History of social welfare policy; its role and relationship with other social institutions; structure and function of U.S.  system compared to other national systems; inequitable distribution of resources; and its contribution to an oppressive environment. Credit will not be awarded for both SWK 310 and 310W. Gen. Ed. E-5B

SWK 310W: Social Welfare Policy History (3) I, II
Prerequisites: ENG 102 or ENG 105 (B) or HON 102.  Prerequisite or Corequisite: POL 101.  History of social welfare policy; its role and relationship with other social institutions, structures and  function of U.S. system compared to other national systems; inequitable distribution of resources; and its contribution to an oppressive environment. Credit will not be awarded for both SWK 310 and 310W. Gen. Ed. E-5B.

SWK 335: Human Behavior/Social Environment II (3) I, II
Prerequisite: SWK 210. Prerequisite or corequisite: SWK 225. Examination and application of theories of community, organizational and group behavior. Critical analysis of the social, economic and political forces and institutions that impact human behavior.

SWK 340: Social Work Research Methods (3) I, II
Prerequisite: SWK 310. Prerequisite or corequisite:  SWK 390 and SOC 232. The course teaches application of both qualitative and quantitative research methods within the context of social work practice.

SWK 344: Stress Management & Self-Care (3) A
Prerequisite: ENG 102 or ENG 105 (B) or HON 102.Introduction to the science of stress and stress management focusing on developing lifetime habits of wellness and self-care for the helping professions.
Major focus on experiential, evidence-based stress management exercises. Meets University Wellness requirement.

SWK 350: Social Work Practice I (3) I, II
Prerequisite: Admission to the Social Work Program and SWK 225. Prerequisite or Corequisite: SWK 335. Corequisite: SWK 354. Theoretical base for social work practice from a generalist perspective.  Focuses on the social work process: problem identification; data collection and synthesis; assessment; planning and intervention; termination; and evaluation. Emphasis on  ultidimensional assessment and practice ethics.

SWK 354: Social Work Practice Methods (3) I, II
Corequisite: SWK 350. Focuses on interactional activities and exercises that foster the development of interviewing skills, data collection, synthesis, assessment, service contracting and use of relationship skills.

SWK 355: Social Work Practice II (3) I, II
Prerequisites: SWK 335, SWK 350, and SWK 354. Addresses the social work process with groups and families with a focus on assessments, intervention, implementation, and evaluation of practice strategies. Facilitation of psycho-educational groups to practice group work skills.

SWK 358: Child Abuse and Neglect (3) A
Prerequisite: Admission to the Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) and departmental approval. Knowledge base for identification, risk determination and psycho-social assessment of child  abuse, neglect and dependency situations. Explores service delivery, role of the court, and the impact of cultural and institutional violence. Required course for PCWCP.

SWK 360: Social Work Practice III (3) I, II
Prerequisite: SWK 335 and SWK 350. Prerequisite or corequisite: SWK 390. Social Work process and skills applied to assessment and intervention with networks, organizations, and communities. Emphasis on  community research; program development and evaluation; grantsmanship; strategies to advance social justice and address institutional and cultural violence.

SWK 365: Crisis Intervention (3) I, II.
Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. This course will examine current theories pertaining to crisis intervention, assessment strategies, key public policy issues, and the treatment  system. This course uses on-line discussion, presentations, and videos to facilitate learning.

SWK 390: Field Experience in a Social Agency (3) I, II
Prerequisite: SWK 350 and SWK 354 and overall GPA 2.5 or above.  Co-requisite: Personal Liability Insurance. Eight hours per week in an agency, community program, or project approved by Field Education Coordinator plus 1 1/2 hour seminar. Applications of practice theory and process. Student must apply the semester preceeding course enrollment.  Majors only.

SWK 410: Social Welfare Policy Practice (3) I, II
Prerequisite: SWK 310 or SWK 310W. Dynamics of policy implementation at administrative, judicial, and legislative levels: policy analysis, formulation, modification, and evaluation; focus on policies that contribute to social injustices and policies that foster the creation, enhancement, or promotion of violence.

SWK 440: Addictions (3) I, II
Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing. Open to all majors. This course will examine how to assess, intervene, and treat individuals, families, and groups with substance abuse and other addictions. The  course will examine addictions from a strengths perspective.

SWK 450: Child Abuse Interventions (3) A
Prerequisite: SWK 358 and admission to Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP). Development of assessment, intervention, and prevention skills in child abuse and neglect. Focus is on public  agency involvement.  Required course for PCWCP.

SWK 455: Selected Topics in Social Work (3) A
Prerequisite: departmental approval. Recommended Junior or Senior standing.  Open to all Majors.  Course content will be determined by interests and developments in the profession. May be retaken to a maximum of six hours.

SWK 456: Children’s Services
Critical appraisal of societal values of priorities underlying services to children. Examines range of services and skills used in social work practice with children; understanding psycho-social needs of children. (Prerequisite: instructor approval.)

SWK 457: Assessing Needs of Older Adults (3) A
Examines societal values relating to the elderly; psycho-social needs of the elderly; community-based and institutional services; and dynamics of working with the elderly and their families.  Open to all majors.

SWK 490: Social Work Practicum (12) I, II
Prerequisites: Overall GPA of 2.5 and completion of all other major requirements with a minimum grade of “C” . Corequisite: Personal Liability Insurance.  Supervised practice in a social agency  approved by Field Education Coordinator. Supervised practice in a social agency approved by Field Education Coordinator. Typically four days a week for 15 weeks plus weekly on-campus seminar. Application must be made through Field Education Coordinator the semester preceding placement. Social Work majors only.

SWK 495: Independent Study in Social Work (1-6) A
Student must consult with the faculty supervisor and have the independent study proposal form approved by faculty supervisor, program director, and departmental chair prior to enrollment.

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